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Sports Flooring

Ever wished to have a court in your backyard?
We are one of a kind sport flooring dealers you always can rely upon.

We strive to provide exceptional sports surfacing solutions. Our synthetic sports flooring surface which is ecologically designed can be laid for both exterior and interior applications.

Marine Coating

Be it in an underwater hull, cruises or the superstructure, our coating withstands harsh and diverse conditions effectively.

Since the evolved demand in marine coatings, we have made a sustainable advancing in every stage of designing and production.

Heavy Duty Anti-Corrosive Coatings

The ultimate drop-in solution for all kind of metal substrates.

Without any hindrance to aesthetics or structure it prevents from the threats of oxidation and corrosion.  

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring or can be otherwise called, aesthetically preferable flooring is most often applied to protect and beautify concrete floors, tile, vinyl, and metal.

These industrial floor coatings have strong adhesive properties such as chemical resistant, water resistant, dirt resistant, non-inflammable and moreover durable.


From underground to upper heights, our team provides the full range of top-class waterproofing products.

Our waterproofing services include water stops, water sealants, and protective coatings.

Pre-treatment chemicals

It is always essential to maximize the performance of structures. Ultimately, the quality totally depends on the preparatory stages of the substrate.

These chemicals are mainly used to clean phosphate and rinse substrate before painting.

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