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 As we have quality as our habit we are not just selling a product but selling an experience. Our engineering team understands and looks into the needs and requirements of the customers to create custom-made products for their endemic use.

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Marine Coating

Marine coatings are used in the protection of vessels and structures in harsh and diverse conditions such as saltwater immersion, salt fog, extremes of temperature. Control corrosions efectively

Epoxy Floorings

Tailoring epoxy flooring solutions with a wide range of resin based technologies, including epoxy hi-build coating, dirt resistant and non brittle. Available in various shades.

Sports Floorings

Synthetic sports flooring surface blended from pure Elastomeric Acrylic Vinyl resin which is ecofriendly and designed in such manner that it provides friction to the player without hindering the movement.

Heavy Duty Anti-Corrosive Coatings

High performance anti corrosive coatings designed to prevent oxidation.It provides an excellent protection to metal substrates.

Pre-treatments Chemicals

Prior to painting metal and plastic pre-treatment
chemicals are used to clean, phosphate, rinse and
condition the substrate.

Water Proofing Solutions

Modern waterproofing technique that imparts repellency to the porous surface. Uses acrylic based epoxy polymer primers.

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